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Customize your ride with hydro-coating

Personalize your car with our hydro-coating services. Hydro-dipping is a water transfer printing technique that can adhere to a plethora of materials, including fiberglass, metal, and plastic. We pre-treat and clean the surface before applying a base coat. The item is then dipped into a water bath that has the transfer pattern ready to apply. The pattern adheres to the surface, following contours seamlessly and giving a gorgeous smooth finish.

Why hydro-coating?

•  Carbon fiber, metal, stone and wood grain patterns

•  Seamless finish on certain applications

•  Personalize your ride

•  Expert hydro-dipping technicians

•  Special poly-clear coat finish to give projects a lasting shine and long term durability

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With 20 years of service, our expert technicians stand behind every job that we do. Find out how we can customize your vehicle.

Get the ultimate shine and personalized detailing with our hydro-coating services

Projects generally take approximately three days to turn around, depending on prep time.  We are prepared to give your project the ultimate finishing touch. Contact us for more info!